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Natural Stone Slate and Slimlite Slate

Slate is a beautifully multi-faceted, strikingly textured, metamorphic rock. Our collection of Natural Stone Slate includes an assortment of tile sizes, inclusive of large format tile, patterns and mosaic tile. Our Slate collection features a well-rounded compilation of the most sought-after hues in captivating multivarious texture. Many of these series offer coordinating flagstone, Versailles and mosaic patterns. SlimLite Slate is created by splitting raw material from actual slate quarries into very thin layers of stone. At least 30% thinner and lighter than standard slate products, this thin layer is bonded to a fiberglass backing, producing a strong, yet flexible piece of stone. SlimLite Slate is ideal for installation over existing surfaces and remodeling projects.

Slate Collection

D&D Scarborough Images

Slimlite Slate Collection

D&D Scarborough Images
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